“Ma maison” is a French word which means“ my home” ‒ a place to celebrate special moments with family and loved ones in a cozy home-like ambience. For being 37 years in the business now, Akinori Singapore has expanded its horizon having 25 branches of its Ma Maison Restaurant in Japanand the Singapore.
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Christmas Cake 2017

By promotion, 23/11/2017

Order and Collect at …
Cafe Ma Maison @ Liang Court #B2-19
Ma Maison @ Bugis Junciton #02-51
Ma Maison @ Takashimaya S.C. #04-27
Ma Maison @ Anchorpoint #01-12
Ordering Dates : 1st – 20th December 2017
Collection Dates : 22nd -27th December 2017