“Ma Maison” is a French word which means“ my home” ‒ a place to celebrate special moments with family and loved ones in a cozy home-like ambience. For being 41 years in the business now, Ma Maison has expanded its horizon having 33 branches of its Ma Maison Restaurant in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
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Message from MA MAISON CEO

When I was young I decided to run a restaurant to provide to my customers the tasty wine with reasonable price with a fantastic taste of demi-glace sauce for western cuisine. So, I worked hard to reach that.
Furthermore, I also was particular about a restful place for my customers. I wasn't interested to provide the formal and uncomfortable place, but I desired to having relaxed atmosphere place which every customers feels they are at home. That's why I named my restaurant MA MAISON which it means “my house” in French.
In England I stayed in a small hotel which the owner was very sweet. She was very kind and with warm hospitality who deal with me like her son. Although the hotel was small but it was full of relaxation. Still, I am keep visiting the same hotel after ages.
I was impressed with her warm hospitality so, I made a decision to grant the same warm hospitality to my customers in future.
Now,I am running the MA MAISON restaurant with warm hospitality and good services in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.
I thanks God that help me to having very nice staff which I believe without them I couldn't being successful in my restaurant business.
More than that, I appreciate to all my customers which love our food and services.
The most important thing which we cherish in our company it is serving the best dishes to our valuable customers and they feel they are at home. That's a simple things.
I believe that such a warm welcoming restaurant with a wonderful dishes will remain in our customer’s minds. I think that our warm services which comes from our bottom of our hearts are priceless.
I am going to keep servicing the tasty wine with awesome western cuisine to our customers in order to our valuable costumers keep coming to MA MAISON and this custom passed downward through many generations.

Akinori Singapore Pte Ltd CEO Akinori Terazawa

Management philosophy

"Like Interacting with People" This is MA MAISON philosophy.
MA MAISON means "my house" in French language which I believe it is not "my restaurant" but it is "my house".
So, I hope my customers feel free to come to my house and my staff will warmly welcome our customers to our house.
We respect cherishing our customers warmly.